$ 746.50

802.11ac Wave 2 Dual-Band PoE Outdoor Access Point

  • IP67 Rated Dust & Water Resistant
  • Concurrent Dual-band 802.11ac Wave 2 with 2×2 MU-MIMO
  • Delivers data rate of up to 867 Mbps in the 5GHz band and 400 Mbps in the 2.4GHz band
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports with PoE In support
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports with PoE Out support (RP/RPD model)
  • Internal directional antenna for Point-to-Point deployment (RPD model)
  • Point-to-Point Connectivity up to 3km (RPD model)
  • 4 SSIDs with unique VLAN setting, Access Control, and Bandwidth Limit policies
  • Features AirTime Fairness and Band Steering for better Wi-Fi user experience
  • Built-in RADIUS server for 802.1x authentication
  • Improve roaming experience by Fast Roaming & AP-assisted Roaming
  • Provide multiple operating modes – AP, Bridge, WDS, and Universal Repeater
  • Support both stand-alone and controller-based setup


DrayTek VigorAP 920R Series outdoor access point is designed to provide high-performance wireless connections to the rugged environment.
Featuring IP67 certified enclosure and industrial-grade components, VigorAP 920R Series is able to withstand heat, wind, rain, and snow. Furthermore, its 802.11ac Wave 2 compliance ensures a fast and reliable connection even in a high-density network.

MU-MIMO 802.11ac Wave 2

VigorAP 920R Series provides concurrent dual band, allows up to 128 clients on each band, 256 clients totally. It features the latest Wi-Fi technology, 802.11ac Wave 2 in the 5GHz band and 802.11n in the 2.4G band. The support of Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) allows it to deliver high-performance wireless connection even in a crowded network.


IP67 Rated Dust & Water Resistant

VigorAP 920R Series is IP67 certified water and dust-resistant, and its industrial-grade components make it able to withstand cold and heat. VigorAP 920R can be operated well between -40°C and 70°C, and therefore is suitable for extreme weather conditions.


PoE Power Input & Energy Efficient

In response to the needs of energy saving, VigorAP 920R Series is IEEE802.3az compliant to reduce its energy consumption when data activity is low. VigorAP 920R Series can also be powered by Power over Ethernet to provide a flexible installation. Moreover, VigorAP 920RP can be powered by PoE, and at the same time provides power to another PoE-PD, such as an IP camera.

A Robust Wireless Bridge

VigorAP 920R Series offers various operating modes, including access point and universal repeater. VigorAP 920RPD can also be a wireless bridge between two or more wired networks and help you extend the network to detached buildings without wires. Except for the two external antennas, VigorAP 920RPD also includes internal directional 5GHz antenna specialized in point-to-point deployment, therefore can deliver robust and fast connectivity over a long distance.

920rpd-ptp bridge

VigorACS 2 & AP Management Compliant

VigorAP 920R Series is also ready for mass deployment. It can be managed and monitored through VigorACS 2 or the Vigor Routers which features Central AP management. Through those central management platforms, Network Administrator can perform provisioning and firmware upgrades to VigorAP 920R Series, and get an overview of the client statistics.


  • 1 x 10/100/1000M Base-T PoE-capable RJ-45 Port (PoE In) 
  • 1 x 10/100/1000M Base-T PoE-capable RJ-45 Port (PoE Out) (RP/RPD model)
  • Factory Reset Button
Built-in Sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
PoE Output
(RP/RPD model)
  • Max.: 30 watts
Power Saving
  • IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet compliant
  • Operating: -40°C ~ 70°C
  • Storage: -40°C ~ 85°C
  • Operating: 5% ~ 95%(non-condensing)
  • IP67 Rated
Dimension (mm)
  • 160(W) x 255(H) x 80(D)
Configuration & Monitoring
  • Web Interface: HTTP, HTTPS
  • CLI (Telnet)
  • SNMP v2, v2c, v3
  • TR-069 via VigorACS
  • Vigor Router AP Management
  • Configuration File Export & Import
F/W upgrade
  • HTTP, TR-069 via VigorACS
Diagnostic Tool
  • Syslog
  • Speed Test
  • AP Discovery
  • WLAN Statistics
  • Station Statistics
  • Interference Monitor
  • 802.11ac Wave 2
  • 802.11n
  • 802.11a
  • 802.11g
  • 802.11b
  • 2 x 2
  • MU-MIMO (2 clients)
  • Up to 128 clients per radio
  • DHCP Server
  • DHCP Relay Agent
  • MAC Clone
  • Up to 4 SSID per radio
  • SSID-based 802.1Q VLAN
  • WEP, WEP-802.1x, WPA-PSK, WPA-802.1x, WPA2-PSK, WPA2-802.1x
  • Hidden SSID
  • Client Isolation
  • Access Control per SSID
  • WPS
802.1x Authentication
  • Internal RADIUS Server: PEAP
Performance Optimization
  • Bandwidth Limit Per Station
  • Auto-Adjustment Bandwidth Limit when spare bandwidth available
  • AirTime Fairness
  • WMM
Load Balancing
  • Client Limit per radio
  • Traffic Limit per radio *
  • Force Overload Disassociation by RSSI Threshold, Idle Time *
    (*:controller required)
  • Fast Roaming (WPA2/802.1x)
  • AP-Assisted Roaming (Disassociation by Basic Rate threshold, RSSI threshold, RSSI threshold with stronger signal guaranteed)
Web Portal
  • Welcome Message
  • URL Redirection
  • Button Click Authentication
Mobile Device Management
  • Access Control by device type
  • Policy per SSID
  • Client OS Statistics
Operating Mode
  • Access Point
  • Universal Repeater
  • AP Bridge WDS
  • AP Bridge Point-to-Point (2.4 GHz only)
  • AP Bridge Point-to-Multipoint (2.4 GHz only)
  • Station Infrastructure (2.4 GHz only)


Model PoE In PoE Out Patch Antenna
Vigor AP 920R
Vigor AP 920RP
Vigor AP 920RPD



Release Date 2018-11-28
Release Note PDF
Firmware Files VigorAP 920R_v1.2.5
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Support Language English
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User’s Guide Version : 1.0
Quick Start Guide
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