Enterprise FEATURES

DrayTek routers include enterprise class features as standard and with no annual license fees. Upgrade your clients to true business class reliability and experience less down-time, improved service satisfaction and greater customer loyalty.

IPv6 Ready

Draytek routers natively support IPv6 as standard

Dual WAN

Dual WAN allows always on internet access with load balancing to maximize performance and throughput. Fully configurable automatic fail-over and fail-back can also be combined with High-Availability Cluster feature using two or more units.

Gigabit Network

Gigabit LAN and WAN ports ensure maximum performance and throughput.

Sophisticated Firewall

Fully configurable firewall ingress and egress rules, complete with QoS features, packet routing rules and fail-over handling gives one of the most sophisticated solutions available.

Find Out More About The Draytek Range

Visit the main DrayTek Network Equipment site for more detail on the range of DrayTek routers and access points available in Canada.

Draytek 2925 Series Multi-WAN Router

The DrayTek 2925 router supports dual ethernet WAN, load balancing, high availability clustering, central access point management, central VPN management, full QoS and cellular backup via LTE

Today's clients require reliability and always-on connectivity and DrayTek routers, with an unparalleled 2 year warranty, will satisfy even the most demanding client.
Designed to support aspiring and growing businesses, the DrayTek 2925 series comes as standard with dual WAN to provide always-on service to support modern cloud services such as Office365™, Google Docs™ and many more.
IPv6 support and multiple WAN IPs are supported by default, allowing clients to operate private cloud and VPN services using SSL VPN, IP-SEC, L2TP and PPTP, secured using latest AES encryption and authenticated via Active Directory™ and RADIUS. Site-to-site VPN can be centrally managed from the 2925 series web based configuration, making management of an extended multi-site organisation quick and easy.
Clients who require the latest high-speed wireless AC standard can combine the DrayTek 802.11ac access points and centrally manage them from the 2925 web based configuration, allowing simple network management from the same standard interface, reducing deployment time and training requirements to support even the most complex networks.
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