2926L/2926Lac LTE Modem Setup

The DrayTek 2926L and 2926Lac models have a built-in LTE modem which provides a reliable fail-over connection or can even be configured as the primary internet connection.

Configuration is straightforward and involves just a few steps :

Enable The LTE Modem

Enable LTE modem on DrayTek 2926L

Set The Provider Name And Select Connection Type

We are using an always-on configuration here :

Select always on LTE modem on DrayTek 2926L

Configure Modem Connection Properties

Typically LTE connections use DHCP:

Enable DrayTek 2926L LTE modem with DHCP

Configure APN In Details Page

We’re using Freedom Mobile, so the APN is internet.freedommobile.ca

Freedom Mobile with DrayTek 2926L

Reboot To Activate Settings

And you’re done !